About us

The Yuin are the Australian Aboriginal people of the South East Coast of New South Wales. They are the traditional owners and custodians of the lands and waters stretching from Cape Howe Island in the south (on the NSW/Victorian border) to Botany Bay in the north and westwards to the mountains of the Great Dividing Range. There are13 major tribal groups who are the traditional custodians of Yuin country.

I belong to the Brinja-Yuin people of Moruya and the Walbanga of Batemans Bay. Yuin country stretches from Campbelltown to the NSW/VIC border, encompassing the land from the second row of the mountain range to the sea. Four Aboriginal languages are spoken on Yuin country, I belong to the Dhurga speaking clans. I also have kinship ties with the Dhungutti people of Kempsey.

I have taught and advised on local Aboriginal culture for more than thirty years and have been teaching language for at least seven years.

I hold a Masters in Indigenous Languages, a Bachelor in Community Management, a certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and have partially completed a Masters in Commercial Law.

I am considered an elder by some and a knowledge holder by others. I am a mother and a grandmother and represent my community in many different capacities. I am extremely passionate about my culture and my language.

Cultural knowledge has been passed down through generations of Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years. Restrictions imposed on Aboriginal people over the past 200 years have devastated Aboriginal society and prevented the natural flow of information and cultural practices.

Minga Aboriginal Cultural Services has been established to respectfully promote, foster and inform the broader community of the rich diversity of Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Patricia Ellis